Notice Writing Class 6 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Notice Writing Class 6

A notice is a formal means of communication. The purpose of a notice is to announce or display information to a particular group of people. Notices are generally meant to be put up on specific display boards, whether in schools or in public places. Notices issued by the government appear in newspapers.

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Notice Writing Class 6 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A notice should be written in the following format:

  1. Name of the issuing agency (school, etc)
  2. Subject and date of issue/release of the notice
  3. Event (what?)
  4. Date/time/duration (when?)
  5. Place/Venue (where?)
  6. Authorised signatory: Name and Signature
  7. Format:
    • Name of the Institution
    • Date
    • NOTICE
    • Body
    • Authorised Signatory

Name of organization/office issuing the notice


Body of letter


Points to Remember:

  • A well-written notice must inform the readers about the 5 Ws:
    • What is going to happen, (that is, the event)
    • Where it will take place
    • When it will take place (that is, the date and time)
    • Who can apply or is eligible for it
    • Whom to contact or apply to (that is, the issuing authority)
  • Only the most important points should be written.
  • One is free to add any relevant information not included in the question.
  • The sentences should be short and grammatically accurate.
  • They should be in the passive voice as far as possible.
  • The notice should be presented within a box.
  • The word limit for notice is 40-50 words (only the words in the body of the notice are counted).
  • Information given in a notice must be clear and should not cause any misunderstanding Or confusion.
  • A notice must be catchy and appealing – it should attract the reader’s attention at once.
  • Increase the visual appeal of your notice by using bold letters, catchy slogans, striking words, and phrases, etc.
  • Standard abbreviations are allowed.

Notice Writing Solved Examples for Class 6 CBSE

Question 1.
You are Raman Malik, the head boy of R.K. Inter College Shamli. Your school is organizing a tour to Sikkim. Write out a notice inviting students who want to join the tour. Put the notice in the box.

R. K. Inter College, Shamli

7th July 20XX

Tour to Sikkim

All the students will be pleased to know that our school is organizing a five-day tour of Sikkim, as per details given below:

Classes – VI to IX
Date of departure – 22nd July 20XX
Date of arrival – 26th July 20XX

Those who are interested may deposit 3000 per head. The cost is inclusive of sightseeing, boarding and lodging at a 3-star hotel. Please do so by 12th July.

Raman Malik
Head Boy

Question 2.
You are Kiran, school captain of Oxford High School, Bahadurgarh. Write a notice informing the students about a Poem recitation competition to be held on 25th September.

Oxford High School, Bahadurgarh

5th September 20XX

Poem Recitation Competition

All the students are hereby informed that a poem recitation competition will be held on 25th September 20XX in the school hall. Those who want to participate may submit their names to me by 18th September. For further information contact the undersigned.

Kiran School

Question 3.
You are Rajeev Kumar, the Cultural secretary of Laxman public school, Bhilai. Write a notice on behalf of your school inviting all grandparents of the students of your school to celebrate World Elders’ day.

Laxman Public School, Bhilai

30th October 20XX .

Grandparent’s Day

All the students are hereby informed that our school is celebrating World Elders’ Day on 17th November. All students are requested to bring their gråndparents on that day at 5 pm in the school hall.

Rajeev Kumar
Cultural Secretary

Question 4.
You are Shyam Verma of class VI of Bal Bharti Public School, Dehradun. You have lost your library book which was issued to you, in the playground. Draft a notice for the school notice board, informing the student about it.

Bal Bharti Public School, Dehradun

17th February 20XX

Lost! Lost! Lost!

All the students are hereby informed that I have lost my NCERT Math book issued from school library. It bears library stamp and has a blue cover on it. If found, please return to the undersigned.

Shyam Verma

Question 5.
You are the Head Boy of the students council of St. Francis Sr. Secondary School, Agra. You have invited a visiting Russian Ballet Troupe to give a performance in your school on the occasion of its golden jubilee celebrations. Write a notice, informing the students about this event. Sign yourself as Rohit Gupta.

St. Francis Sr. Secondary School, Agra.

30th August, 20XX

Russian Ballet Dance

All the students are hereby informed that a Russian Ballet Troupe will give a dance performance on the occasion of school’s Golden Jubilee celebrations on 10th September, 20XX at 4:00 pm in the assembly hall. The famous actor/dancer Mrs Hema Malini will be the Chief Guest for the evening. For more details contact the undersigned.

Rohit Gupta
(Head Boy Students’ Council)

Question 6.
Vaibhav Raj the Vice head boy of Bal Bharti Public School, Dehradun. Your school is organizing an interclass drawing and painting competition for classes V to VII. Draft a notice, words inviting students to participate.

Bal Bharti Public School, Dehradun

5th July 20XX

Drawing and Painting Competition

This is to inform all the student of classes V to VII about the drawing and painting competition to be held in the school.

Date :15 July 20XX
Time : 10.00 to 12.00
Venue : Art Room
Prize : First – 52000, Second – 1500, Third – 1100

A certificate will be awarded to all participants. The drawing sheet will be provided by the school. Bring your own colour box, Pencil etc. For further details contact the undersigned.

Vaibhav Raj,
Vice Head Boy

Question 7.
You are Saroj Sharma of Kehar Singh Memorial Public School. Write a notice appealing students of your school to generously donate in cash and kind for the poor children of an orphanage.

Kehar Singh Memorial Public school

20th January, 20XX

Help Make Someone Smile! Donate for a Noble Cause!

This is a humble request to all the student of the school to donate clothes, cash, toys, stationary, books and other utility items for the poor children of ‘Masoom Bharat’. The donation will be collected till 24th January, 20xx in the school auditorium. For further detail contact to the undersigned.

Saroj Sharma
Head Girl

Question 8.
You are the Secretary of cultural club of your school. The school is celebrating its Annual and Cultural day on the 25th of March. Draft a notice to be put on the notice board of your school informing the badge holders and house captains of a meeting you are conducting to take decision on some important matters pertaining to the success of the programme. The notice should not exceed 40 words.

XYX Senior Sec. School, Delhi

5th Feb, 20XX

Annual Cultural Day

The School is celebrating its ‘Annual Cultural Day on 15th February. A meeting of badge holders and house captains will behold tomorrow at 2:15 pm. After school, hours to take decisions on some important matters regarding the conduct of the program and make it a grand success.

Cultural Club

Question 9.
You are the student editor of Gandhi Memorial School, Delhi. Write out a notice in not more than 50 words inviting names of those who would like to give articles, stories, cartoons etc.

Gandhi Memorial School, Delhi

5th April, 20XX

Inviting Articles for School Magazine

Abhivyakti (School magazine) is going to be published very soon. The student writers are advised to submit their own literary works – articles, stories, cartoons, poems, etc. – to the undersigned on or before 15th April, 20XX or contact Principal.

Shanti Mittal
Student Editor

Question 10.
You are Geetanjali Ahuja, the Head Girl of Blossoms Public School, Gurugram. Write a notice in about 50 words informing the students of classes. IX and X about an inter-class debate competition to be held in the school in the first week of April. Give the necessary details.

Blossoms Public School, Gurugram

8th December, 20XX

Inter-Class Debate Competition

All the students of class IX and X are informed that our school will hold an ‘Inter-class Debate competition in the first week of December. The topics for debate are “Science – a bane or boon” and “coeducation”. Interested students are requested to contact our history teacher, Miss Sonam before 15th December. There will be attractive Prizes.’

Geetanjali Ahuja
The Head Girl

Notice Writing Practice Examples for Class 6 CBSE

1. As a secretary of adventure club of a progressive school, Sonipat. Write a notice for your school notice board informing about the educational tour to Rajasthan for students of IX to XII std.

2. Your school is going to celebrate Sports Day in the school premises. As a sports captain write a notice inviting names of interested students for various games. Mention dates of a selection of students. You are Rohit.

3. You are Sarika Gupta, Librarian of Tagore Public School, Raipur. Draft a notice for students and staff to return the library book before the session ending examination beginning next week.

4. You are Rohan, in charge of admission in SD Public School, New Delhi. Draft a notice about registration for admission to classes Ist to IXth for the school’s notice board.

5. As a Head Boy/ Girl draft a notice for your school notice board about an inter-house poetry recitation competition to be held in school. You are Parag/ Priyanka.