The Story of My Life Summary Chapter 6

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The Story of My Life Summary Chapter 6

Helen describes her joy at her increasing vocabulary and how she learnt to perceive abstract concepts like ‘love She also appreciates Miss Sullivan’s patience at dealing with her.

Helen describes her joy at expanding her vocabulary in this chapter. She learnt to name abstract feelings like love. Miss Sullivan explained things to her with great patience, connecting feelings like love to aspects in nature. Helen understood that abstract ideas could also be named.

The chapter also tells us about Miss Sullivan’s determination to find a way of conversing with Helen, and helping her to enter into a dialogue with those around her. She spelt out sentences into Helen’s hand instead of speaking them.

It took several years for Miss Sullivan to teach her this but she persevered, determined to supply the stimulus that Helen lacked. This reveals the infinite patience and wisdom of the teacher.

The Story of My Life Summary Chapter 6 Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Why did Helen not question her teacher when introduced to a new thing?
Helen never questioned her teacher as her ideas were vague and her vocabulary was inadequate.

Question 2.
Why did Helen find it difficult to understand the meaning of the word ‘love’?
Helen found it difficult to comprehend the meaning of the word ‘love’ because she understood the things that she could either smell or touch. She had no understanding of abstract ideas.

Question 3.
How did Helen realise the meaning of the word ‘think’?
As Helen tried to string beads of different sizes in symmetrical groups of two large beads followed by three smaller ones, she kept on making mistakes, but was patiently guided by her teacher. As she concentrated, trying to make sense of her mistake, her teacher spelled the word ‘think’ on her forehead. That is when she realised what it meant.

Question 4.
What, according to Helen, was love?
Helen understood love to be a feeling that, like invisible lines, bound her spirit to those of others.

Question 5.
How did Miss Sullivan converse with Helen?
Miss Sullivan would spell sentences onto Helen’s hand instead of speaking them. Helen would repeat verbatim what she spelt on her hands. Whenever Helen would be at a loss of words to express herself, Miss Sullivan would prompt her, supplying her with the necessary words and idioms. She taught Helen how she . could take part in a conversation like a person with normal hearing.