NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 6 Who I Am

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Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 6
Subject English
Chapter Chapter 6
Chapter Name Who I Am
Number of Questions Solved 7
Category NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 6 Who I Am

(Page 73)
Working with the Text

Question A.
Answer the following questions.

  1. Peter’s favourite day of the week is Sunday because ____________
  2. Nasir wants to learn ____________
  3. Dolma believes that she can make a good Prime Minister because ____________


  1. ____________ on this day everyone in the family is in a good mood. They all feel themselves lucky for being such a happy family.
  2. ____________ how to preserve seeds so that they can be used again.
  3. ____________ her classmates come to her when there is a problem. Her teachers trust her when something is to be done in

Question B.
Write True or False against each of the following statements.

1. Peter is an only child ____________
2. When Serbjit gets angry he shouts at people. ____________
3. Nasir lives in the city. ____________
4. Radha’s mother enjoys doing things with her. ____________


1. F
2. F
3. F
4. T.

(Page 76)
Working with the Text

Fill in the blanks to name the different kinds of intelligence. One has been done for you. When I enjoy listening to people and solving their problems I use my interpersonal intelligence.

  1. When I enjoy dancing or physical activity, I use my ____________ intelligence.
  2. When I enjoy looking at maps and examining pictures I use my ____________ intelligence.
  3. When I enjoy working with numbers and solving maths problems I use my ____________ intelligence.
  4. When I enjoy telling a story or arguing, I use my ____________ intelligence.


  1. bodily
  2. visual
  3. mathematical
  4. verbal.

Working with Language

Match the job on the left with its description on the right.

(i) Navigator (a) Advises people what to do about jobs, personal problems, etc.
(ii) Architect (b) Works in politics, usually by standing for election.
(iii) Politician (c) Finds and monitors the route to get to a place, or the direction of travel.
(iv) Engineer (d) Reports on recent news for newspaper, radio or TV.
(v) Computer programmer (e) Plans the design of a building, town or city.
(vi) Athlete of Controls and puts together a programme of music. (f) Control and puts together a programme of music.
(vii) Disc jockey (g) Works in sports or activities such as running, jumping, etc.
(viii) Composer (h) Designs and builds things like roads, bridges or engines.
(ix) Counsellor (i) Makes up notes to create music.
(x) Journalist (j) Designs the system by which a computer runs or gives information.


(i) c,
(ii) e,
(iii) b,
(iv) h,
(v) j,
(vi) g,
(vii) f,
(viii) i
(ix) a,
(x) d.


Write a paragraph about yourself so that people who read it will get to know you better. You could write about yourself from any point of view, or choose one of the following topics.

  • What I enjoy doing most
  • What makes me angry
  • What I hate to do
  • What I want to become

(Remember to give reason or details of what you write about, so that anyone reading it will understand you better.) After you have finished your paragraph affix your photo on the sheet and display it on the wall. Read each other’s paragraphs. Did you understand someone else better after you had read what he/she wrote ?
I enjoy talking to people. I think in words rather than pictures. I want to help my class-mates in understanding books—particularly the books of literature. I love to tell stories and I love to know persons. I want to be aware of their point of view. In short, I love people and want to be loved. However, I become angry with some people. They talk of dress and hair-style in-stead of books and knowledge.

I hate to quarrel. I want people to be decent and good-mannered. I want to become an administrator so that I am able to direct people to work properly. If I do become one, I will try to do away with corruption in the country as far as possible.

Working with Language

Read these columns about careers in environment, that is, working to keep our world — the land, air, water and the people, animals and plants — safe from natural and man-made dangers. Check out the personality profiles needed to be successful at different kinds of careers in the environmental field. Find out whether you are more adventurous than your partner, or whether your partner is a better inquirer than others. You may wish to prepare a personality profile of yourself/your partner. In groups, attempt some of the activities suggested at the end.

See NCERT Textbook Pages 78-79

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Question A.
Why does Radha’s mother tell her that it is not suitable for girls to climb trees ? Find points to agree with Radha or her mother. Plan what you will say by making notes like this:

  • Girls should be able to climb trees if they wish
    1. ___________________________
    2. ___________________________
    3. ___________________________
  • Girls should not be allowed to climb trees
    1. ___________________________
    2. ___________________________
    3. ___________________________

Now divide the class into two groups. Present to the rest of the class the opinion of Radha who thinks there is no harm in girls climbing trees and of her mother who thinks girls should not do this.

  • Girls should be allowed to climb the trees if they wish because
    1. it is a good game.
    2. it is a good exercise for the body.
    3. it helps them eat fruit if it is a fruit tree.
  • Girls should not be allowed to climb trees because
    1. it might hurt them if they fall.
    2. it is not sensible, say the elders.
    3. their work will suffer.

Question B.
Sit in a circle so that you can see each other. Each one must talk to complete the following sentence in his own way. “What makes me very angry is …”. Remember to listen with respect and without comment to each person as he/she speaks.
Consult answer to ‘Writing’ part (ii)

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