NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 5 Travel and Tourism Chapter 2 Eco Tourism

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Board CBSE
Textbook NCERT
Class Class 10
Subject English Main Course Book
Chapter Unit 5 Chapter 2
Chapter Name Eco Tourism
Category NCERT Solutions

CBSE Class 10 English Main Course Book Unit 5 Travel and Tourism Chapter 2 Eco Tourism


Question 1.
Carefully read the objectives of Ecotourism Society of India. Divide each point amongst the students of the class. Initiate a one minute speech in the class where each pair will make a presentation on the point allotted to them.


Classroom activity. The following short speeches shall greatly help the students in doing this activity :

1. We have to make a strategy for the long-term sustenance of the plan. For this work has to be done at all levels, we have to purify air, water and earth. The task is hard but not impossible. To purify our water, the industrial waste water must be treated and purified before throwing it into rivers or oceans. The same thing is to be done about air. Earth can be purified by discontinuing the use of chemical fertilizers. In their place the newly developed organic fertilizers should be used.

2. In order to boost tourism we have to work with many government and private bodies. For example the people of the tourist industry have to understand how to deal politely with the tourists. A tourist is a man on a foreign land. Thus he is like a fish out of water. He needs some support and confidence. Our good behaviour will give him that. We have to contact with the hotel owners to see their capacity. A tourist needs a proper place to live. To attract the tourists we have to be careful about the conservation of nature and wildlife. Many tourists come only for these two things. They are not interested in buildings and structures.

3. The number of tourists is to be increased but regulated and properly directed. It means that we need to have many places of tourist attraction. Let us try to promote them all. If tourists are guided only to a few selected places and they are served with great love and respect, this will be good neither for the tourists nor for tourism industry. In that case these selected places will lose their uniqueness and possibly be polluted. The other places will find it difficult to survive for want of financial resources.

4. To boost terrorism is a good ideal. However, while doing so we should not forget our aim. The aim is to benefit the country and spreading the awareness about our culture. An additional purpose is to help keep our old heritage. So we have to maintain only sustainable tourism. For this enlightened people should work with government bodies. Together they should develop policies and code of conduct to promote sustainable tourism. Otherwise, the unrestricted tourism in the country will defeat its own purpose. That is to say the tourism can pollute and destroy the tourist spots. It can destroy the culture of the host country.

5. People should also work with government bodies to motivate the people engaged in tourism industry. It can be done in various ways. One simple way is to reward a good performance. To do so the government can give certificates of merit for the quality work. A committee of people comprising government officials and renowned people from the public can be constituted. This committee can evaluate the work and then give certificates to those who have excelled in providing services to the foreign tourists.

6. The public can work as watch dog for excessive consumption of natural resources. For example there are in every city many tube-wells which draw illegal water from the earth. The trees are cut to create space for the infrastructure to facilitate tourism. Moreover, some tourists cause havoc to tourism. They pollute our air and water and damage our culture with their indecent behaviours.

Students are advised to prepare more speeches expanding following points yourself.

7. A great service to tourism can be for research and finding out new spots which can be of tourist interest.

8. The Ecotourism Society can work with service providers.

9. Ecotourism Society can stage programmes to encourage use of local practices.

10. The management of waste is one of the biggest modern day problems.

11. Ecotourism society can encourage people to adopt low pollution generating practices.

Question 2.
Your school is organizing a long tour for the students of your class to Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong and Gangtok. In order to make the students aware of the need to be responsible ‘eco-tourists’ and to brief them about what they should and should not do in this long tour, a meeting has been arranged. You have been asked to make a presentation giving tips to the students on responsible behaviour as tourists. Taking help from the objectives of eco tourism and your own research, prepare the presentation. It can be a power-point presentation or a speech supported by charts and visuals. As the places to be visited include heritage sites, places of worship, monuments and places of ecological importance such as mountainsides and rivers, your presentation should cover a range of responsibilities. The general thrust should be “Towards Joyful and Sustainable Tourism”. You may decide to do this as a group activity also. In that case divide the work among the members of your group for research and collection of data, preparation of the presentation, preparation of visuals and actual presentation.


Towards Joyful and Sustainable Tourism

It’s a great pleasure to know that our school is organizing a long tour for us to Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong and Gangtok. I intend to give you an idea of the places that we must go to and the way we are expected to conduct ourselves. This is important because our visit will include heritage sites, places of worship, monuments and places of ecological importance such as mountain-sides and rivers. I propose to briefly put before you the special places we are likely to see.

1. Kolkata : Kolkata has beautiful beaches. We must visit them. Our second destination in Kolkata will be Shibpur. Here you will find the botanical gardens on the bank of the river Hooghly. They are famous for a 250 year old banyan tree, nearly largest of its kind in the world. The gardens are over two centuries old and home to over 35000 fruit trees and flowering plants. These have also a rare collection of orchids, besides the coveted books on Botany.

For a wildlife enthusiast, the Doars are a ‘must see’. Then there is Sunderban which is a world heritage site and it is not to be missed. Apart from these Jaldaparee is also worth visiting.

2. Guwahati : Guwahati has a wonderful planetarium which we must visit. Hajo, Kamdev and Sualkuchi are the other places which we must visit when we go to Guwahati. Hajo is a temple town. The most famous temple there is Hayagriva-Madhav temple where Hindus as well as Buddhists offer prayers.

Madan Kamdev is 35 km from Guwahati. It is famous for its archaeological ruins and stone sculptures. Located in picturesque surroundings, this is a historical spot.

Sulakuchi : is located 32 km. from Guwahati. It is on the northern bank of the river Brahmputra. It is a renowned silk-weaving centre. It is called the Manchester of the East. It is the only place where Muga silk is produced.

3. Shillong : It is the picturesque district headquarter of the East Khasi hills. It is also one of the most popular hill stations of the north east. Shillong has many famous falls. Of these the most famous is Swat Falls. Shillong Peak is a spot which no tourist would like to miss. Apart from the Falls, Ward’s Lake is another attraction.

4. Gangtok : By the time we reach Gangtok, we are likely to be tired. Yet there are at least ten spots which I think we must visit. These are :

  1. Tsomgo Lake: On the old trading route from India to China, it is 35 km from Gangtok, Here you will see an ancient Shiva temple also.
  2. Do-Drul Chorten Stupa : This is the most important Stupa of Sikkim.
  3. Enchy Monastry : Located on a hill-top, it is an important seat of Nyingama order. The name ‘Ency Monastry’ means a solitary temple.
  4. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology : This is the highest seat of learning of Mahayana scholars of Tibet.
  5. Tashi viewpoint
  6. Fambong La Wildlife sanctuary : Twenty km from Gangtok, it has a great variety of flora and fauna. Here we can see rare Red Panda, Civet cat etc.
  7. Phensony Monastry.
  8. Kabi Langchok : Situated 17 km from Gangtok, Kabi Langchok is a place of great historical importance.

Question 3.
You areAditya Vikram ofGyan Gurukul School. Your friend has appeared for class XII board examination this year. He has still not been able to make up his mind regarding the choice of vocation. You came across the information given below in a newspaper. You decide to write a letter to this friend of yours encouraging him to choose a career in the field of tourism. Using the inputs given below, write the letter to your friend.


Room No. 5
Boys’ Hostel
Gyan Gurukul School
New Delhi
3rd March, 20 ××
My dear Mohit

When we met last time, I found you worried and a bit tense. As you told me, you were not able to choose your vocation. I have come across some information in a newspaper. May be, it helps you in making up your mind.

I am talking of tourism as a profession. It is a highly competitive industry. To succeed one needs a wide range of information and quick access to transportation data. Besides, you have to enrich your business skill with diplomacy.

I think you have got the essential personality traits for the job. Your personal knowledge and experience of travel to tourist destinations will greatly help you to climb higher in= this field. It will be easy for you to know about the hotels and local customs. Your communication skills will help you a lot. I am sure with a little effort you can gain workable knowledge of some more languages. Most of all, it is your enthusiasm to interact with people and social etiquettes that will ensure your grand success. I am sure with a pleasant personality that you have, you’ll surely make a very successful career in this field.

Diploma and Degree courses of short duration are available. With that you can get a job in government tourist department or in private sector. You can establish your own travel agency as well where you’ll employ other persons to help you to make a mark in this field. I shall be happy to provide you any other information about it. Please let me know your reaction.

Yours affectionately
(Aditya Vikram)

Question 4.
The Students’ Council of Greenland School, New Delhi has organised an excursion to Kulu, Manali and Rohtang Pass for students of Classes XI and XII during the Easter break. As the Headgirl/Headboy of the school draft a notice for the notice board of your school to this effect inviting students who wish to join the excursion to give in their names for the same. Add relevant details like duration and cost of excursion and last date for submission of authority letter signed by parents and making the payment.

Do not exceed 50 words. Put the notice in a box.


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