NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Notes Key Elements of a Democratic Government

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Key Elements of a Democratic Government Class 6 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 4

CBSE Class 6 Civics Chapter 4 Notes Understanding the Lesson

1. People of several races live in South Africa.

2. Black people who belonged to South Africa, whites came there to settle, and Indians came as labourers and traders.

3. South Africa was earlier governed by apartheid laws, which means separation on the basis of race.

4. South African people were divided into white, black, Indian and coloured races.

5. There were separate rules in South Africa for white and black people.

6. The African National Congress led the struggle against apartheid and their most well-known leader was Nelson Mandela and in 1994 country became a democratic country. Now all the people are considered equal.

7. Participation in democracy is a means to elect the representatives. These representatives are elected for a fixed period, as 5 years in India, and majority of assembly is made the government For the further tenure to run the government, they need to face election. If public elect them, they again get the opportunity to serve the people.

8. In between, if government takes any decision which is not in public interest or not taking any consideration on a specific issue general public can initiate signature campaign, can protest through Dhama, Pradershan, rallies, strikes, social movements etc. In present time, media is also important to attract the government towards public issues.

9. The government plays a major role in resolving the conflicts arise amongst the people.

10. Conflicts may arise between the States such as on the ground of rivers.

11. Equality and justice are the key elements of democracy.

12. To bring the equality and justice in the society, the untouchability is banned by the laws.

Key Elements of a Democratic Government Class 6 CBSE Notes Important Terms

Apartheid: Discrimination on grounds of race.

Democracy: A system of government elected by general people without any discrimination.

Representative: A person who is given power to talk on the public’s part.

Conflicts: Disputes arising between the different religions, castes, cultures or between people of different economic backgrounds.

Afrikaan: A language spoken by white people of South Africa.

Zulu: This is a language spoken by black people of South Africa.