NCERT Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes Understanding Diversity

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Understanding Diversity Class 7 Notes Social Science Civics Chapter 1

CBSE Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Notes Understanding the Lesson

1. Each and everyone is different from the others.

2. Difference may be on the basis of language, colour, height, food habits, clothes, living styles, customs, religions, regions, interest, culture, practices etc.

3. Some people may like to read the storybooks or history books, or science books or political science books, animal’s books or other subjects’ books etc., depending on their interest.

4. Likewise, India is a country of much diversity. We speak different languages, have various types of food, celebrate different festivals, and practice different religions. Except it, we do many things that are similar.

5. For a long time, people travelled from one place to another place for various reasons such as-trade, employment, droughts, wars, natural calamities etc.

6. Due to the migration of people from one place to other places, their languages, food, music, customs, traditions become a mix of the new and old culture and with it came something new and different.

7. Different cultural influences have helped to shape life and culture there. These regions became very diverse because of their unique histories.

8. Geographical areas also play a role in creating the diversity.

9. History and geography are often tied in the cultural life of a region.

10. India’s diversity has always been recognized as a source of its strength.

11. During the British rule, all men and women belonging from different regions, languages, religions, culture fought together.

12. British thought they could divide Indians because they were so different. But Indians showed how they could be different and yet be united in their battle against the British.

13. Songs and symbols that emerged during the freedom struggle serve as a constant reminder of our country’s rich tradition of respect for diversity.

14. India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote a book “Discovery of India” which depicts the power of unity in diversities in India’s context.

Understanding Diversity Class 6 CBSE Notes Important Terms

Diversity: Different differences constitute diversity.

Unity: A strong bond with the people.

Culture: The customs, belief, art, way of life which shifted from one generation to the next.

Inequality: Differences between people.